Letters from my Grandmother

“I’ve always felt a special connection to my grandmother; like fine wine or a well-traveled, cherished sweater, that relationship would only get better, more complex, and more beloved with time.”


North Morgan Creates His Own Reality

“…On social media and in Morgan’s writing is a juxtaposition of biting self-awareness and shallow, empty fulfillment: the sensitive soul who loves unconventional music and existentialist literature, but can’t be bothered to go on an art walk and instead settles for a trip to the gay beach.”


The Trip That Set Me Free as an Artist

Featured as part of Trips Worth Telling, a collection on Medium.

“I remember looking down at the psychedelic mushrooms — inelegantly draped over American cheese on a dollar-menu cheeseburger — and wondering if this was really going to be my first foray into psilocybin.”


Kanye West Did Not Create His Visual Identity. He Curated It.

As West's popularity and influence has grown, his playbook of art references has expanded and evolved…when influence and access meets ego (and West has more than enough of that), he seems more inclined to make himself the center of creativity. The artists around him are merely accessory to his own genius.